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tagging post

!_ - only to be used by the moderators of the community. sometimes for news, sometimes to reiterate rules, sometimes to announce a contest. whatever it is, it's important!
author:_ - this one is simple. we are allowing people to make their own tags - so just make your own author tag so that it's easier for all of us, including fans of hyukchul that may want to find you,
fanart - drawings, paintings, sculptures or art of eunhyuk, heechul, or hyukchul
fanfiction - fiction (stories) of hyukchul
genre:_ - the genre of the fanfiction, fanvideo, or fanart.
angst - depressing.
fluff - sweet.
horror - scary
humor - funny (sometimes considered 'crack')
romance - romantic, acts of love that may not fit into the other categories
smut - graphic sex between the characters
supernatural - containing fantasy characters. includes vampires, werewolves, wizards and superheroes.
length:_ - the length of the work (usually fanfiction)
chaptered(complete) - a chaptered fic that is now finished
chaptered (ongoing) - a chaptered fic that is still being written
drabble - a short story, usually under 100-200 words
oneshot - a one-part story
twoshot - a two-part story
media:_ - a form of media about hyukchul
fanvid/fancam - a video made by a fan of the characters, or a video of the characters interacting
video - look above
misc:_ usually for advertisements and contests
advertisement - an ad from an outside source supporting an idea/event/etc.
contest - tag used for contest purposes only
translation - a translation of an interview, show, radio broadcast, etc.
pic:_ a picture of the hyukchul couple!
graphic - an edited picture of the couple, usually done over the computer, of the couple.
icons - small, usually 100x100 pictures of the couple used on sites
rating:_ the rating of the fic or fanart.
g - general. anyone can read.
pg - parental guidance. small amount of swearing.
pg-13 - small introduction to adult themes and more swearing.
r - non-graphic sex, rape, death, substance abuse, violence, suicide, and adult themes.
nc-17 - explicit sex, rape, death, substance abuse, violence, suicide, adult themes. highest of the ratings.

if you do this properly, there should be no problems.
Tags: !modpost, !tagging
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